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Why try Openn?

Attract more eyeballs to your listings

Invite your network of buyers agents and clients to observe or participate in the negotiation, from anywhere in the world.

Save time keeping everyone up to date

Clear the clutter of SMS, emails, voicemails & chats. Openn's near real-time app alerts keep everyone in the loop, so you don't have to!

Achieve the best price outcome

With buyers kept in the loop, they'll be more confident to offer their best price. Plus, with more eyeballs on your listings, there'll be more offers to choose from. 

Less days on the market

More buyers means less chance of your listing going stale, and a quicker sale.

Find your next lead

Openn's unique observer feature provides you with a pipeline of prospects, helping you maintain or grow your business.

Embrace efficiency

Openn's secure, digital offer management solution means less time wasted on paperwork leaving you free to run your business.