A Homebuyer's Guide to Openn

This guide helps buyers create an account and goes over common questions to help buyers navigate the negotiation process. 

After a long search, you've found the perfect home, and asked your Realtor to submit an offer - exciting stuff! Perhaps your Realtor told you to look out for an email from Openn, and you're wondering what happens next. This guide will help you set up your account and navigate any offers submitted on Openn. 

Creating an Account

1. Look for a welcome email with the subject line: "Your Openn Account Was Created". 

Once you open the email, click on the link to create your own password and verify your email address. This step is important to ensure you receive real-time updates about any homes you've submitted offers on. 

If you haven't received an email, check your spam folder or ask your Realtor to reinvite you to the Openn system. 


2. Create your own password and agree to the Terms of Service. 

Once you create a password and click on the Terms of Service checkbox, the Terms of Service disclosure form will appear. Scroll down and click Accept. This will allow you to select Update on the Update your Password page.


3. Sign in to your account.

From here, you'll be redirected to the Log In page where you'll sign in with your email and password. BuyerLogin

4. See the latest updates on any properties you're participating in.

Once you log in, you'll land on the Dashboard where you can see any updates on the negotiations you're participating in.

Buyer Dashboard