How do I see offers submitted on my home? 

In this article, we'll discuss how to view any offers submitted on your home, so you can easily keep track of any updates throughout the negotiation. 


How do I see offers submitted on my home? 


1. Select your home from the Dashboard.


2. The Offers tab (to the right of the Timeline tab) lets you see the offer value, the status of each offer, the buyer agent details, and more. You can access the Offer Details simply by clicking on the arrow as illustrated below. The Offer Details slide out will appear where you will now click on View.

Review Offer Details

3. From the Offer Details page, click on the blue eye icon to the right of where it says Terms & Conditions. This will allow you to view the full Terms & Conditions including details about the Offer, Buyers, Financing, Deposit, Agent Information, and more. 

Offer Details Pages