Offer Sorting & Filtering Tips

In this guide, we'll share best practices for sorting and filtering offers. More specifically, we'll discuss how to leverage filter options under the My Properties tab and within the Property Details page on listings. 

Viewing Options on the My Properties Tab

1. When you log in, you'll land on My Properties underneath the All My Negotiations tab which displays the property cards of any negotiations you are participating in. You'll notice there is a banner across the property card to indicate the role you play in that negotiation (Listing Agent, Buyer Agent, Co-Listing Agent). To see specific details about a negotiation, click on the property card.  

MyProp - 1

2. If you select My Launched Listings to the right of All My Negotiations, you'll see any listings you've launched.

MyProp - 2

3. On the Unlaunched Listings tab, you'll see any "coming soon" properties. You'll notice you have the option to launch the property right from the property card, as illustrated below.

MyProp - 3

4. Under Submitted Offers, you'll see any properties you've submitted offers on. Each property card will show the status of the property. In the example below, you'll notice it says "Offer Review", which means the seller is reviewing offers.

MyProp - 4

Viewing Options on a Property (within the Offers Tab)

1. When you click on the Offers tab within a property page, you'll see an Offer Grid, which lets you easily compare offers and identify the strongest offers for your clients at a quick glance.


The offer grid will display the following information (from left to right):

  • Offer ID#
  • Agent Name
  • Offer Price
  • Terms (moving your mouse over each term reveals the label.)
  • Offer Status (Not Verified, Action Required, Verified, etc.)
  • Details (click on the arrow to see the details of that offer)

Sort by Offer Stages

Click on the Filter drop-down list to sort by the different offer stages, such as offers that have been verified, offers that require action, expired offers, etc.

ManageOffer-Offer Tab Filter