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What are the benefits of Openn as an agent?

This article discusses the benefits of Openn as a listing agent and buyer agent.


What are the benefits of Openn as an agent?


As an agent, you gain the following advantages:

Listing Agent Advantages:

Enhance your Listing Presentations

  • Elevate your listing presentations with compelling evidence to persuade sellers that you are right for the job.

Manage your Listings All in One Place

  • Systemize your business by managing all of your negotiations from one centralized platform

Improve Pricing Outcomes

  • When buyers can transparently see what they need to surpass, they often compete, resulting in more offers and a higher selling price for your seller.

Gain More Traction on Your Listings through Realtor.ca

  • Access Openn Offers’ integration with Realtor.ca to gain massive market exposure that will set your listing apart from others and attract more interest.

Lead Generation and Results Showcase

  • Openn Offers 'observer tool' helps to capture more leads and effectively display results.

Compliance and Communications

  • Maintain a clear record of all activities while allowing for automatic updates to keep fellow agents, their clients, and all observers informed.

Save Time with our Automation Tools

  • Spend less time on transactional work and more time closing deals by utilizing our offer management tools, such as our automated email responses, savvy offer comparison grids, and our easy ‘offer accepted/rejected’ feature

Buyer Agent Advantages:

Gone are the Days of Being Left in the Dark

  • Get notified as soon as your offer is viewed by the listing agent and seller

Know Exactly Where Your Offer Stands

  • Leverage our offer transparency feature to make informed decisions in your negotiations and build greater trust with your prospects and clients

Manage Offers All in One Place

  • Our system makes it easy and efficient to manage all of your offers in one place

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