What can I see under the My Properties tab as a buyer?

In this article, we'll discuss the different menu options under the My Properties tab, so you can easily navigate Openn and keep tabs on any offers you've submitted or properties of interest. 


What can I see under the My Properties tab as a buyer?


1. When you log in, you'll land on the Dashboard under My Properties. The first tab under My Properties is the All My Negotiations tab, which displays any negotiations you are participating in. You'll notice each property card displays the listing price alongside your offer, as well as the number of buyers in that negotiation. You'll see a "Buyer" banner across the property card to indicate that you are the buyer in this negotiation. To see specific offer details, click on the property card.

Buyer All Neg-Dash

2. To the right of All My Negotiations, you'll see My Launched Listings, where you'll be able to view any properties you are selling, if applicable.

Buyer my launch-Dash

3. The Submitted Offers tab will show any properties you've submitted offers on.

Buyer sub-offer-Dash