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Invite Your Buyers to OpennOffers

This guide helps Buyer Agents invite a buyer to participate in a negotiation on Openn.

Inviting Buyers to Openn

This section requires action on your end as the Buyer Agent when submitting an offer. 

1. Once you have clicked on the Upload Signed Offer button (see submit an offer for more information) fill in your buyers details on the offer details page. You can add multiple buyer details by clicking on Add Additional Buyers


Note, only the Buyer Agent will see the Buyers email address, the Listing Agent nor the Seller will not see the email address. 

2. Once you complete entering in the Offer details, click Submit Offer on the Confirm Offer Submission page.


3. Clicking on Finish will complete the offer submission and the buyer(s) will receive an email to create an account.


Next Steps for your Buyer

This section requires action from your client. The steps below are outlined for you to reference when working with your clients, so you have a better understanding of what your client will see on their end of Openn Offers. 

1. Your client will receive a welcome email with the subject line: "Your Openn Account Was Created". 

Once your client opens the email, they must click on the link to create their own password and verify their email address. This step is important to ensure your buyer receives real-time updates about any homes you've submitted offers on their behalf.


2. Your client will need to create their own password and agree to the Terms of Service.


3. Your client will then need to sign in to their account.BuyerLogin

4. From here, your client will be redirected to the Dashboard where they can monitor the activity on any negotiations you and your client are participating in.


Be sure to share our helpful Homebuyer's Guide with your clients!